J&T Express Guide to Shipping and Tracking Packages

Thelogistics market in thePhilippines isexpected to growthroughout and beyond the pandemic due to the increaseinonline transactions duringthe lockdown.J&T Express, a newplayer inlogistics,is planningtoenter the marketandbe competitive withJRS Express and LBC Express.

Theservice hasattracted a lot of attention inboth social and traditionalmediaevenwhen it was only launched inthe Philippinesonly in the year.J&T Express is a well-knownbrand among buyers and sellerson the internet.It is possible that you have purchased items fromShopeefrequentlyand received yourparcelsby using this shipping service.

Whether you needthe services of a courier to shipthings to yourclients or family members, J&T Express has gotall your shipping requirements covered.This guide willhelp you understand j&t rates   and delivery proceduresand other details aboutthis logistics provider.

What’sJ&T Express?

J&T Express, an e-commerce express courierfirm, operatesacrossIndonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. It wasestablishedin2015.Servingmostly small and medium-sized businesses(SMEs)as well as online businesses, thisSoutheast Asian logistics provider gives online sellers theability tosend packages viaJ&T Express boxes or their own packaging.

J&T Express: How J&T Express Works

J&T Express is a logistics service provider. Itworks exactly likeany other courier service inthe Philippines.However,what makes it stand outfrom other deliveryservicesisits extensive arrayofoptions that guaranteesafe, reliable andon time deliveries.

J&T Express Delivery Services

  • National coveragethroughmore than 400 J&T Express branches, warehouses and offices
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.full
  • 4 Service Platforms for shippingand trackingpackages: J&T Express website, mobileapp Socialmedia [22 and a 24 hourhotline for customer service(02)8911-1888
  • Security packagepackages aremonitored by CCTVthroughout the day.
  • The tracking system usesGPS tomonitordelivery trucks
  • Real-time tracking system
  • VIP Platform (self-service dashboard thatallowsonline sellers tohandletransactionsandspeed upthe J&T Express delivery process)
  • Claims system which offers compensationfordamaged or lost packages

J&T Express Shipping Process

You have two options forshippingwithJ&T Express.You can either visitthe branch where you candrop off yourparcels orhave them picked up fromyour home.

HowToShipvia J&T Express Branch

  1. Fill outthe drop offform onthe J&T Express Philippines website [33ormobile app.
  2. Click on theOrderbutton.
  3. Visit the nearestJ&T Express branch.
  4. The barcodethat you received atdrop-off is required to be presented.
  5. Then, deliver the packages toemployees.
  6. Make payment for the shipping charge.

Howto BookJ&T Express Pickup Service

To schedule the pickupof yourparcel To book a pickup, go tothe J&T Express website, mobileapp, 24/7 customer servicehotline, or contactnumbers of branches in your area[4for a branch number.The J&T Express pickup service isno cost.

J&T Express Rates 2021

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcharges based on thedistance between theplace of origin and thedestination of thepackage , as well asitsweight.The J&T Express Philippines website hasthe ability to allowyou todeterminetheshipping cost ofyour delivery.It is based onthe distance betweendestination andsourceof the package, as well astheweight.

These aretableswhen you are shipping packages with less than 6kg.

j&t shipping rates  Metro Manila

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcosts based upon distance fromthelocation and the weightof thepackage.The J&T Express Philippines website hasthe ability to allowyou toestimatethecost of shipping ofyour delivery.It is determined bythe distance betweenthepoint of delivery andsourceof the package andtheweight.

Priceof J&T Express Boxes

You canbuyJ&T boxesfrom any branch ifprefer tosend parcels viaJ&T boxes. jnt rates  arebased onthebox size andcapacity to weight.

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